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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1911-04-16 - Saturday
Characters Doctor Pill, Flip, Impie, Nemo, The Candy Kid, The Princess
Contents Airships_(67), Cityscapes_(27), Crowds_(25), Elevated_railroads_(4), Lakes_&_ponds_(11), Water_lilies_(3)
Transcript {{Previous comics were in full color. This one is only black, white and yellow.}}
[[Little Nemo and his friends are still in Chicago. Nemo, Flip and the Owl are standing on the ground. There are no buildings and no other people except a policeman. Nemo and Flip are wearing dress uniforms.]]
Flip: There are no kids here. Where are they? I'm going downtown and bum around.
Nemo: I guess the Chicago kids don't care much about our visit. Say! Officer! We were to meet a million children here today. Have you seen any of them?
Officer: I heard that some young lady arrived in an airship this morning and every kid in Chicago is following her wherever she goes. I don't know where she is now!
Owl: It's Easter Sunday, Nemo. Perhaps they are attending services. I can't understand this other airship, though!

[[Nemo's airship is flying above Chicago, as seen from street level.]]
Nemo: Huh! I'm going to find out who it is. This is the elevated railway loop! We'll follow it! Chicago is a hard place to look for anyone in!
Owl: Flip will surely get lost!

[[Woman's Temple building. Nemo and Owl are on the airship. No one else is visible.]]
Owl: This is the Woman's Temple building! Erected by the W.C.T.U! She is not here, nor no one else now.
Nemo: Where is she and who is she? I do not see a kid in sight. We'll keep on going till we do.

[[At the Coliseum. The building is surrounded by thousands of children.]]
Owl: This is the Coliseum. Where conventions, expositions and horse shows are held.
Nemo: What is going on in that building today, kids? Who is the young lady who has an airship?
A child: I don't know but she's a queen whoever she is! She's looking for Little Nemo. Do you know him?
Another child: Aw, that's Little Nemo -- Hey! Nemo! She's looking for you! Go around to the stage door!

[[The Princess and the Candy Kid are on stage before a packed house.]]
Princess: I got so lonesome in Slumberland that I decided to come to Earth and travel with Nemo among the big cities. If they are all as grand as Chicago and full of as many healthy, rosy girls and boys as I see here, I shall not want to go back home. I wish Nemo was here with you!

[[Nemo and Owl at the stage entrance talking to a guard.]]
Owl: If we could only get in and get a look at her! Ask him, Nemo!
Nemo: We'd like to go inside! I'm Little Nemo! Some young lady, I was told, was looking for me here. May I see her?
Guard: She has just left. I don't know where the reception committee is going to take her next! Yes, she's looking for you, askin' everybody!

[[Flip, walking on the street, passes by Doctor Pill, who is wearing a top hat and carrying a bag with his name on it. ]]
Flip: Am I seeing things or is that really that old bluff Doc Pill? By jinks, it is him!
Dr. Pill: If I had known that that impudent wretch was with Nemo on his trip I should have advised the Princess to remain in Slumberland instead of coming here to Earth! I must hasten to tell her!

[[Nemo and Owl are standing by a pond with lily pads. Flip is running in the background.]]
Flip: Where's our airship? Get it quick! Hey Nemo! The princess is here in Chicago! Come! Quick! I just saw old Doc Pill! She's here! Sure!
Nemo:I can not understand who it could be! I can not find her! I've a notion to go on to Milwaukee and not visit here! I have the blues!

[[Nemo, Owl, Flip and Imp are back on the airship, high above Chicago. Another airship is in sight.
That airship has two decks, apparently loaded with hundreds of people.]]
Owl: This is the University of Chicago! It's a fine view! They are still working on it!
Nemo: Are you sure, Flip, that you saw Doctor Pill on the lake front? I hope so!
Flip: I saw him! Sure! I'd never forget that mug of his! There is the princess! I see her! Oh! You kiddo! Hey! You princesserino! Hey! Here's Nemo! Slow up, kid!

[[Nemo is back at home in his bed.]]
Voice from off panel: Come, Nemo, get up! You've slept long enough! Get up this minute, don't have mama calling you again. Get up, now!

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