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Title Dream of the Rarebit Fiend
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1905-08-31 - Sunday
Summary A streetcar passenger who has not paid his fare is detected by a frightening conductor.
Contents Conductors_(2), Newspapers_(6), Reading_(4), Street_railroads_(11)
Notes Exact date unknown
Transcript [[John on a train reading a newspaper]]

John: Well! That's Funny. He didn't collect my fare. He took everybody's fare but mine. Huh! I'm a nickle in.

John: Well! It's his business not mine. He doesn't want my cash? I can use it sure, I'll look innocent now---

John: I think he's on to it. No, I guess it's my imagination, I'm ahead of this car line just five cents. I'll buy a---

John: I wonder if he really is on to me. Well he can get it if he'll come for it. Aw! I'll keep reading and

John: I wonder if he will get next. He can't remember

John: If I could only act innocent. My! It's close in this car. Aw he---

John: Yes! Ye-eees oh murder help oh! Oh!

Inspector: Did I get your fare?

[[John's bedroom]]

John: Here's your nickle! Help! Oh! Oh! Here it is, here take oh murder! Oh! Oh!

Wife: Say John! You will simply just have to quit eating those confounded rarebits at night. Do you hear? Wake up!

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