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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1905-11-19 - Monday
Characters Bulzubb, Buzo, Nemo, Queen Crystalette
Contents Broken_glass_(8), Caves_(10), Correspondence_(7), Daggers_&_swords_(16), Guards_(28), Queens_(1), Running_(142), Scepters_(18)
Transcript Bulzubb: Ah! A letter from the good king!
Buzo: "Dear Buzo - if you will bring Nemo to the palace tonight, I will make you a prince. Crystalette, I think, would assist you. But permit no one to harm her or I will powder you to dust. Morpheus"

Caption: It was away past midnight when Nemo became so thirsty that he must get up and get a drink of water. While doing so

Caption: he noticed something about the house that he had never seen before. Where his play room should be, a cave of glass now

Caption: appeared. His curiosity led him into the place, which held him speechless, with it's marvelous beauty. On his tour of inspection
Nemo: Well, I never saw this before in our house. Isn't it pretty?

Caption: he met Bulzubb, who astounded Nemo with his politeness and his wonderful description of how himself, and all the people who
Bulzubb: This is a cave of glass where glass people live. Won't you come with me and see how pretty it is?

Caption: lived there were made of glass and of the little queen Crystalette, whom Nemo must meet and know.
Bulzubb: He is calling to the guards to bring the beautiful little princess into your presence. She will take you to Slumberland, eh?
Glass man: Ki Low Bongo Po Lee Go Ki Bong Ki Low.

Caption: When he was introduced to Crystalette, he fell desperately in love with her but he must not touch her as she was oh! the most fragile of beauties known to exist.
Bulzubb: Queen Crystalette, this is little Nemo who wants to go to Slumberland.
Buzo: Do not bend too far, my queen, or you will break. Be careful! Let us now be on our way.

Caption: She invited Nemo to her home in Slumberland, which delighted him immensely, and they proceeded down the glistening avenue in grand style until Nemo began to struggle to take her hand. Although cautioned repeatedly that Crystalette, as well as themselves,
Bulzubb: No! No! No! You mustn't hold hands nor even touch her.
Buzo: Follow us and we will escort you to king Morpheus and he will give her to you, but you mustn't touch her now. No! No!

Caption: were of glass, and would break easily, Nemo insisted on making trouble. "Don't! You'll break her and us too," Bulzubb screamed, but Nemo, blind and deaf with infatuation, leaped forward and well, it was the last of her. Crystalette was broken into thousands of

Caption: pieces. Knowing his fate, her escort, Buzo, fainted, falling against and smashing Bulzubb and the glass guards. The noise of all the crashing and jangling
Bulzubb: Here's where I go to pieces sure!

Caption: glass can only be imagined. Nemo was utterly dumbfounded. What was a minute before the
Glass guards: Oh! Oh!

Caption: beautiful queen Crystalette and her bespangled and bejeweled retinue, were now a heap of splinters, a mass of
Glass guards: Oh! Oh!

Caption: jagged fragments. Nemo, heartsick and frightened, made a wild dash for home, wiser but sadder than when he
Glass guards: Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Caption: came. The faster he ran the louder he yelled for his papa or mama or anybody who would come. With
Nemo: Mama! Papa! Oh, help me! I'm - oh! Lost! Come, oh! Papa! Mama! Oh! Someone come and get me! I'm oh lost!

Caption: the groans of the dying guardsmen still ringing in his ears, he awoke.
Nemo's father: There's that boy again. I wish you wouldn't let him eat turkey dressing at bed time, mama.

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