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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1905-12-10 - Sunday
Characters Flipflop, Nemo, Nemo's Grandmother, The Princess, The Sandman
Contents Armor_(3), Daggers_&_swords_(16), Dragons_(8), Falling_(131), Helmets_(3), Keys_(Hardware)_(1), Shields_(2), Stairways_(34)
Transcript Sandman: Go and bring little Nemo to the palace, Flipflop, and you will get a medal as big as a barn door.
Flipflop: Yours truly, aye! Aye!!

Caption: It was along about midnight that Flipflop appeared before Nemo, with such a great proposition that when he
Flipflop: If you will get up, Nemo, and put on the suit of armor I have brought, I will show you the sure way to -

Caption: heard it, Nemo was greatly excited. "At last", he yelled, "I can go to Slumberland armed." Flipflop quickly brought in the armored
Flipflop: Yes, here it is, nothing can hurt you if you put it on, and you can fight anyone.

Caption: suit and helmet, sword and shield, and when Nemo had donned them, he felt and looked the part of a real steel clad warrior bold.
Flipflop: Oh! Isn't that just splendid, oh! You look grand. Now I'll show you the way to Slumberland.

Caption: Flipflop then directed him to the marble stairway which led to the palace of king
Flipflop: These steps lead to the palace, the princess is waiting for you.

Caption: Morpheus. Nemo started out boldly prepared to fight anything or anybody.

Caption: The climbs was a long one, some five hundred miles skyward, but he was plucky.
Creature: He's a dangerous looking man.

Caption: When he appeared before the sandman at the gate, Nemo looked grand but became quite nervous when he saw this strange but courteous being.
Sandman: This is little Nemo I believe, I saw you coming and I have notified the princess. She is on her way, come right in.

Caption: When the royal dragon appeared bearing the princess to carry Nemo to the palace, Nemo began to back away, refusing all entreaties. The sand
Nemo: What? Oh! Who - ah where oh why - I - no
Sandman: Here is little Nemo at least, aren't you happy? You may now escort him to your papa, the king.

Caption: man became so persistent that Nemo had to fight him off and in doing so made
Nemo: No! No, never! I - no, I don't want to go any farther, no! No! Not me!
Sandman: Why, what is the trouble? Come Nemo! No danger.

Caption: a mis-step, lost his balance and stumbled backwards. To say that he fought
Nemo: No! No! I will not! I want to go home!
Sandman: Oh! Oh! Oh! He's falling downstairs

Caption: desperately to regain his footing is putting it mildly. His struggles
Nemo: I want to go home, oh I'm falling oh! I'm -

Caption: in the air unloosened sections of his armor until his descent, increasing in speed
Nemo: Mama! Papa! Help me, I'm getting

Caption: every second, became a streak of arms, legs and glittering steel. Thumping- bump-
Nemo: Please, oh! Please! Oh! Papa! Mama! Come here quick! I'm -

Caption: ing, clanging, banging and clattering, so fierce that Nemo burst into tears, his
Nemo: Mother! Save me, I'm falling to pieces oh! Oh!

Caption: loud bawling aroused his grandma who awoke him.
Nemo's grandmother: I believe I told your mother not to let you eat that mince pie last night. Oh dear!

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