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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1905-12-17 - Monday
Characters Icicle, Nemo, Nemo's Mother, Santa Claus
Contents Candy_(6), Castles_&_palaces_(26), Dolls_(4), Drums_(8), Hobby_horses_(4), Ice_floes_(5), Snowshoes_&_snowshoeing_(4)
Transcript Santa Claus: King Morpheus can have any thing I’ve got.
Icicle: He wants me to take little Nemo to your home and show him around, Sir.

Caption: It required some little effort on the part of Icicle to arouse Nemo but when he did, Nemo was all attention. When he heard
Icicle: Nemo! Oh! Nemo! If you will arise and go with me and be quick, I will show you something grand.

Caption: what Icicle had to say Nemo began to dress himself like a fireman at the call to duty.
Icicle: I’ll take you to the home of Santa Claus, it’s close to Slumberland.

Caption: Icicle’s plan called for a long, cold walk but he had equipped Nemo for it and they were soon
Icicle: We must walk all the way to the North Pole then ford across –

Caption: on their way. They had proceeded some hundreds of miles over the snow when they came to the sea
Nemo: I don’t care to go any further.
Icicle: Oh, there’s no danger while you’re with me, Nemo.

Caption: and for a minute Nemo hesitated, but Icicle assured him that there was no cause for fear. Nemo
Icicle: You’re safe, we’ll soon be there; yes.

Caption: probably will never forget the climb over the mountains of snow and ice, that cold December night, neither will he forget –
Icicle: There! We’re on the land again. Now we must climb away up in the mountains.

Caption: crossing over the sea; but he would have waded through fire to get where he was going. Presently Icicle announced –
Icicle: I see it! I see it! Hurry! Oh, hurry up! Nemo!

Caption: their destination. The home of Santa Claus looked unusually beautiful that night, in the clear moonlight and Nemo was overcome with excitement. He wanted to proceed on and visit the interiors of the different buildings at once, to which-
Icicle: That’s where old Santa Claus lives, yes sir!

Caption: Icicle agreed, but telling Nemo that all he saw was no comparison to the beautiful palaces in Slumberland, to which Nemo agreed, but as he said, “This is good enough for Nemo at this time”. He was willing to go to Slumberland some other day
Icicle: This is the stable where Santa Claus keeps his reindeer.

Caption: but he would see this place first. Icicle tried every scheme possible to persuade him to continue on the palaces of King Morpheus, but with no success. Meanwhile, Nemo contented himself seeing the sights. “Say! If
Icicle: Come on! Nemo, let us leave here, now, and go to Slumberland, it’s so much nicer.

Caption: Slumberland beats this place, we’ll go tomorrow and see it” he said, as they wandered through the many –
Icicle: Those are drums and horns, enough for all the boys in the world, but you ought to see Slumberland!
Caption: departments, and Icicle replied, that he would take great pleasure in showing Nemo where Santa Claus
Icicle: Those are only hobby horses. Why this is only a copy after Slumberland. There they have real live horses, let us go there now. Come Nemo, do!

Caption: got his idea of building this place. At this point Nemo was candy hungry. As every thing was free to him he was about
Icicle: That’s all candy, fruit and nuts. Help yourself to all you want, it’s free! Go ahead! Pitch in! Then, we’ll go to Slumberland.

Caption: to help himself, when his mama awoke him, rather rudely too, he thought.
Nemo’s mother: Come! Come! Nemo, get up! Are you going to sleep all day? Get up, right away! Sleepy head.

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