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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1905-12-24 - Monday
Characters Nemo, Nemo's Father, Santa Claus
Contents Chimneys_(10), Christmas_presents_(1), Electric_lines_(4), Holidays_(24), Polar_bears_(6), Reindeer_(4), Sleds_&_sleighs_(12), Walruses_(3), Weather_vanes_(3)
Transcript Santa's helper: Don't you think that a splendid idea? Are you with me, eh?
Santa Claus: It's the only way to get him into Slumberland.

Caption: Little Nemo had waited for Santa Claus until his eyes would not stay open and he fell asleep. Hardly had he done so when

Caption: he heard the merry jingle of the bells. With flushed face and heart beating high, he arose and scampered up stairs to the roof.

Caption: Santa Claus was most surely, coming with the speed of an automobile through the air towards Nemo's home. The night

Caption: was cold, but when Santa pulled up, Nemo was as unconcerned about it as if it was fourth of July. And when Santa told him he
Santa Claus: Yes, you may hold my reindeer if you will. Don't let them run away.

Caption: might hold the reindeer while Santa went down the chimney, Nemo broke out into a perspiration. It was quite cute in Santa to encourage Nemo to remain on the roof while he should go below and fill the stockings Nemo had hung, but he is cute in all he does and besides, Nemo cared nothing about his presents now, when he was
Santa Claus: Be careful! Just speak gently to them and they'll stand

Caption: to do some slight favor for this famous and kind old man. Here is where our story becomes sad, we regret to say. Just as Santa Claus was disap-
Nemo: Whoa!

Caption: pearing down the chimney, for some reason only known to themselves, the reindeer became scandalously unruly. Nemo, as we all know, is no
Nemo: Whoa! Whoa!!

Caption: coward, but it is difficult for us to imagine him in any other state of mind, while bounding from roof to roof, than one of extreme fright. However, while we are trembling with fear for him, he is busily engaged getting them under control. A large sack of Christmas gifts which awaited distribution in the sleigh was rapidly

Caption: emptying itself in a manner totally different from what was intended by the old gentleman, who, left many miles behind, was at this moment -
Nemo: Oh, whoa!

Caption: filling Nemo's stockings at home. While dolls, drums, bicycles and toys of every description were being scattered in all directions Nemo was straining every muscle endeavoring to save a few pieces of the sleigh, which was likewise scattering itself throughout the neighborhood. As for the reindeer they were
Nemo: Whoa! Oh oh! Whoa!

Caption: displaying as little regard for anything attached to them as they were to themselves and flew madly against anything and everything in sight. Nemo knew that sooner or later they must dash themselves to pieces if he deserted
Nemo: Oh! Oh! Whoa oh, oh!

Caption: them, so he hung to the reins desperately until he was forced by circumstances beyond his control to abandon
Nemo: Oh! Papa! Oh! Mama! Help me! Oh, papa! Come to Nemo, come help!

Caption: them. His loud yelling aroused his papa, who came and awoke him in no gentle spirit.
Nemo's father: Now, you see? Didn't I tell you? Didn't I tell you not to eat that cheese, eh? Eh?

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