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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1906-01-21 - Sunday
Characters Nemo, Snowball
Contents Blizzards_(4), Chasing_(79), Forests_(24), Polar_bears_(6), Running_(142), Snow_(20)
Transcript Snowball: Don't speak so loud. Those prying bears are prowling around looking for information continually.
Jack Frost: Oh, never mind them. You just get Nemo here and then bring Mr. Frost. You know the rest.

Caption: After trying every known scheme to keep warm and rest comfortably and failing, Nemo opened his eyes. The scene
Nemo: Oh! I'm so cold. Ah, eh! It's snowing, I believe.

Caption: which presented itself to him astonished him so that he hesitated to believe he was seeing straightly. A snow storm
Nemo: Yes, sir! It's snowing right here in my room. Hard too!

Caption: was raging right in his very room, that threatened to swallow him up if he didn't do something at once. Just-
Nemo: The roof must be off. What shall I do?

Caption: what to do was the question and the longer he thought about it the deeper the snow became and the more dif-
Nemo: Well, I'll just have to get a snow shovel and go to work.

Caption: ficult for him to think. Finally, he hit upon an idea, but too late to carry it out as the snow was now to his chin. Sur-
Nemo: Oh! I can't get out, I'm stuck in here!

Caption: prising as it may seem, Nemo was not a bit frightened. On the contrary, he was quite interested, and when he found

Caption: himself enveloped completely, he cheerfully began to burrow through the drift to his papa's room. He must have lost his bearings for he soon found him-
Snowball: Sheeeeeeeeee! Oh, I'm so glad you have come. This is the Valley of silence, keep quiet.

Caption: self in the home of Jack Frost. Very much surprised, he willingly agreed to go with snowball where ever he was ordered. The beauty of the landscape, however, severely interfered with his continuing on very far for the reason -
Snowball: Sheeeee! Don't breathe and we'll go up the path to Slumberland.

Caption: that it attracted his attention from Snowball, who was cautioning him to keep quiet. "Don't breathe, this is the Valley of silence, keep still and we'll soon be in the presence of Jack Frost who will take us to Slumberland." whispered Snowball. But Nemo was all eyes and no ears and the result was a de-
Nemo: Before we go, what are those things lying over there.

Caption: lightful excursion into the grandest region ever dreamed of, was transformed into a frightful flight for home. It seems that several gigantic polar bears had,
Snowball: Nemo! Nemo! Run this way! Run this way! Don't, oh, don't go that way!

Caption: on account of the cool and silent nature of the place, decided to take a nap contrary to the rules laid down by Mr. Frost and - well, that's nothing to do with Nemo now. His duty is

Caption: to get home. Nemo knew his duty too and was fulfilling it with all his might when he awoke, panting.
Nemo's father: What's the trouble in there, boy? Eh! What ails you? Go to sleep or I'll come in to you!

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