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Title Little Nemo
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1906-02-04 - Sunday
Characters Nemo, Uncle Alexander
Contents Aerialists_(8), Correspondence_(7), Falling_(131), Gymnastics_(1), Moon_(49), Oceans_(30), Show_tents_(1), Weight_lifting_(1)
Transcript Gnome1: Scare him. It's the only way to get Nemo here.
Gnome2: That's what I say, give him a good scare.
King's letter: What can you gentleman do to get Nemo into Slumberland. Morpheus.

Caption: Little Nemo was asleep and had supposed that
Nemo: Where are you going, uncle?

Caption: everyone else in the house had retired for the night,
Uncle Alexander: I'm going to take my daily exercise.
Nemo: May I go along and watch you please?

Caption: when his dear uncle Alex came through the
Uncle Alexander: Didn't you ever see your uncle take his exercise, boy?
Nemo: No sir.

Caption: room on his way to the gymnasium. He then
Nemo: I wish I could do that.

Caption: understood how easy on could be mistaken.
Uncle Alexander: It's easy.
Nemo: Why didn't you ever get married, eh, uncle Alexander?

Caption: Nemo had never known that a gymnasium existed in
Uncle Alexander: Don't ask such foolish questions.
Nemo: That's what they call a stunt, isn't it uncle?

Caption: his home before and was mistaken again. When-
Uncle Alexander: No. That's called a feat.
Nemo: Let me get up there too, will you?

Caption: uncle Alex began his constitutional, as he called it,
Uncle Alexander: Come on then. See if you can climb on my-

Caption: Nemo became greatly interested, so much so, that,
Uncle Alexander: head. That's it, Nemo! Now steady yourself! And I'll

Caption: with unclesâ consent, Nemo joined him in the fun.
Uncle Alexander: show you how to do the giant swing. Now, steady!

Caption: Whether it was to amuse Nemo or to display his -
Uncle Alexander: Just stand still boy and you'll be all right. Just be steady now, Nemo.

Caption: ability as an athlete is not known. At any rate,-
Nemo: Do you know, eh, what you are doing, uncle, sure?

Caption: the performance uncle went through with-
Uncle Alexander: Yes, Nemo. You needn't worry, boy.

Caption: destroyed certain ambitions Nemo was
Nemo: Does papa know you exercise this way, uncle Alexander?

Caption: known to possess for circus life. He had every
Uncle Alexander: Oh, yes! Darling, he knows it, yes.

Caption: confidence in his uncle, however, and was not
Nemo: What does he say about you doing this, work

Caption: afraid. The giant swing Alex gave was a thril-
Uncle Alexander: Oh, nothing. How do you like this? Isn't it fine, isn't this giant swing just-

Caption: ler which he rather enjoyed until the fast-
Nemo: What was that snapped, uncle? What was it?
Uncle Alexander: Mercy!!! Those ropes have parted, oh! Oh! Oh!

Caption: enings broke. Then, of course, the shock awoke
Nemo: Oh! Uncle! Oh! What are we going to do now? Oh! Uncle! Oh! Help me! Oh! Oh! Help me uncle help me oh!!!

Caption: him and, it seems, his uncle Alexander also.
Uncle Alexander: Nephew! Oh!!! What is it you want of me, eh

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