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Title Dream of the Rarebit Fiend
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1904-09-10 - Monday
Summary Four men at the North Pole try to light a cigarette with their only match but the wind blows it out.
Contents Cigarettes_(4), Matches_(3), Smoking_(17)
Transcript Character 1: Here I am a mile from the north pole and no cigarettes. I see an awful finish for me.

Character 2: Have you any tobacco? I have papers.
Character 1: Great Scott!

Character 1: Plenty of cigarette papers but no tobacco. We will die together. Oh for one more pull.

Character 3: Have you any cigarette papers? I have tobacco.
Character 1: Yes

Character 1: Plenty tobacco and papers. No we can all die happy. Well let us get to rolling a swell smoke.

Character 3: Wha-a-at? No matches. Oh don't kid us now.
Character 1: Not one match in the crowd. Ye gods.
Character 2: Oh, oh, oh. Please oh save me, I'm going to faint.

Character 4: Have you a cigarette? I have a match.
Character 1: At last we are saved.
Character 3: Well we should say yes.
Character 2: I am dying with joy, oh, oh.

Character 1: Eh, the wind blew it out. Let's all lay down and die in agony.

Character 5: You can talk about your dreams, but there was a peacherino.

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