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Title Dream of the Rarebit Fiend
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1904-10-03 - Monday
Summary A man challenges another man to a drinking contest, which escalates to a greater and greater degree of absurdity.
Contents Alcoholic_beverages_(10), Ale_(1), Beer_(4), Brandy_(1), Waiters_(10), Whiskey_(2)
Transcript Man 1: I tell you what I'll do I'll bet you $ 4.00 I can drink more booze than yo can
Man 2: I'll go you on that the one that. The one that gets intoxicated first, loses the bet

Man 1: Say waiter! Bring us thirty beers each, then prepare to get awful busy.

Man 1: That's good! Now hustle after fortyfive quarts of rye whiskey

Man 1: Don't mope there. Bring on twelve gallon jugs of good stout old brandy. Be lively now.

Man 2: Now yourare talking bring us nine barrels of ale. Hurry!

Man 2: Well i lose i guess. Waiter have you a hose connected with a vat anywhere?

Man 2: That's good. Can you fix up a bath in that vat. I am

Man 2?: Well! Of all the dreams. What would my congregation say if that was real. I wonder. My! I can't see...

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