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Title Dream of the Rarebit Fiend
Author Winsor McCay
Date Published 1904-10-21 - Monday
Summary In a bar, a man drinks wood alcohol and begins to hallucinate. He sees exotic animals, a streetcar pulled by elephants, a cow in a rickshaw, is threatened by a giant lobster with a man’s head, and is finally strangled by a python.
Contents Alligators_&_crocodiles_(11), Bars_(3), Bartenders_(1), Bats_(2), Birds_(87), Bulls_(2), Camels_(11), Clowns_(11), Elephants_(28), Frogs_(7), Hallucinations_&_illusions_(2), Hippopotamuses_(12), Horses_(46), Kangaroos_(9), Lobsters_(4), Monkeys_(11), Rabbits_(13), Rats_(1), Rhinoceroses_(6), Rickshaws_(2), Snakes_(10), Street_railroads_(11), Whiskey_(2)

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